photoMark has made hundreds of Labyrinths and expresses himself fully‭  ‬as a Horticulturalist‭ ‬,Landscaper,‭ ‬Builder,‭ ‬Group Facilitator and Artist in the labyrinth.‭ ‬His passion for designing and creating Labyrinths started‭ over  ‬20‭ ‬years ago. He has trained with two world leaders in‭ ‬Labyrinth‭ ‬facilitation and‭ ‬building :Dr Lauren Artress and Robert Ferre‭ ‬.He‭ ‬has led many retreats where the labyrinth is the centre of the ceremonial and ritual space.‭ ‬His love of the sacred is expressed fully in these times.‭ ‬He expertly guides his groups to find for themselves their true nature and purpose.‭ ‬He has designed a unique system to build labyrinths using a metal‭ ‬landscape‭ ‬edging‭ ‬product (link to pic) to make‭ ‬Labyrinths‭ ‬with strength,‭ ‬durability,‭ ‬ease of maintenance and beauty.‭(‬link to pic‭) ‬He‭ ‬has shared his love of Labyrinths with‭ ‬many community groups including Schools,‭ ‬Mens Gatherings,‭ ‬The Joining Gathering,‭  ‬Community Garden Projects,‭ ‬Art Exhibitions,‭ ‬Botanical Gardens‭ ‬,and last three years at Woodford Folk Festival‭. The artist in‭ ‬Mark has created‭ ‬Mosaic labyrinths‭  ‬in tiles,‭ ‬glass‭ ‬ and stamps,‭ ‬he’s‭ ‬made leadlight and glass fused labyrinths and carved them into wood. Mark makes traditional‭ ‬Labyrinth‭ ‬designs as well as‭ ‬nine of his own that he‭ ‬has‭ ‬designed for‭ ‬specific situations and purposes.‭ ‬His Angel Wing‭ ‬3‭ ‬circuit design for example‭ ‬ is ideal for an edible or‭ ‬sensory garden or where wheel chair access is needed, also‭ ‬his‭ ‬Labyrinth of Choice is a‭ ‬5‭ ‬circuit design, ideal for ceremonies and‭ ‬allows the labyrinth walker a choice of where to start their journey.


A labyrinth is not a maze.‭  ‬Mazes conjure up images of high hedges,‭ ‬hiding a pathway that has all sorts of choices leading a person into endless tangles or dead-ends.‭  ‬We expect to get lost in a maze.‭  ‬Labyrinths are the complete opposite.‭  ‬The pathway begins at the outside and meanders back and forth in a seemingly random pattern and leads you to the centre.‭  ‬There are no choices,‭ ‬so the traveler can let go of concern about where the path leads and simply enjoy the journey to the centre and then back out again.‭  ‬This process seems to encourage heightened intuition,‭ ‬balance,‭ ‬and a sense of wellbeing.

Medical research has shown that walking or tracing a labyrinth balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain,‭ ‬and people have experienced improved mental clarity and memory,‭ ‬calmness in dealing with grief and trauma,‭ ‬a release of pain,‭ ‬and a deeper connection with their own inner resources.‭  ‬Children say they just feel better after walking a labyrinth and use it when they are sad.‭ ‬In all cultures,‭ ‬the labyrinth represents the three-fold path of nature,‭ ‬that of Life,‭ ‬Death and Rebirth.‭ ‬Following such a pattern is a dance that engages us on a cellular level,‭ ‬returning us to a felt sense of the body walking the path of life.‭ ‬It is a pattern to be experienced and encountered as we seek wholeness in an increasingly fragmented world.

Labyrinths have been built out of a variety of materials and have been found in almost all cultures in the world for thousands of years.‭  ‬We may still access labyrinths that were built in the‭ ‬14th century.‭  ‬In the past‭ ‬30‭ ‬years there has been a worldwide renewed interest in them that is attributed to the desire for a personal spiritual practice as well as a tool for self-awareness and growth.‭  ‬Today,‭ ‬labyrinths are found in hospitals,‭ ‬schools,‭ ‬churches,‭ ‬community gardens,‭ ‬prisons,‭ ‬cemeteries‭ ‬,‭ ‬retreat‭ ‬centre’s,‭ ‬and in back yards.

Mark Healy is committed to creating Labyrinths in the public and private sectors as a way of helping people to connect with themselves and providing a meeting space where the community can come together to share‭ ‬life’s journey.‭ ‬Mark envisions creating labyrinth trails within city‭ ‬parks and gardens taking visitors and residents on a exploration of the local environment and connecting them with the peace and calmness that a nature space provides in a built up environment.

We are entering a time when the treasures of this precious tool are being rediscovered and passionately pursued.‭ ‬A Labyrinth readily surrenders its secrets up to the sincere seeker.‭ ‬I invite you to walk its Path of Grace.




Mark is available to deliver a presentation to inspire the creation of a labyrinth in any setting. He is an experienced public speaker and MC bringing passion, humor and presence to his talks. His extensive portfolio of his own works and that of his fellow labyrinth lovers will sow seeds of inspiration in all. It doesn’t take him long to mark out a labyrinth to allow a direct experience of walking and feeling one.


With eight of his own designs and access to hundreds of others Mark can help select a design that works best for your specific purpose. Making new designs with a client’s guidance is his joy.

Marrying design with your site and with materials to budget is where 36 years in the landscape industry comes to play. Labyrinths can be made for hundreds of dollars thru to hundreds of thousands .It would be a great pleasure to quote a labyrinth feature for you.


Mark has 36 years experience in horticulture, landscaping, building and project management. His personal integrity and eye for detail will deliver the very best for you. Mark has developed unique systems to construct labyrinths with strength, durability, ease of maintenance and beauty. Mark works with a team of professional trades people to deliver any size labyrinth creation.


Mark loves bringing people together where he leads powerful transformational experiences in the Labyrinth. Currently he presents these at Woodford folk festival, Men’s gatherings, The Love Feast Retreat with Robin Clayfield and at the many gatherings he attends thru out Australia and New Zealand. Mark has designed many unique processes over the years he has been facilitating and uses the labyrinth in his daily life for inspiration and healing. He loves to travel so invite him along to you next festival or gathering to share his Labyrinth Love.


 There are literally hundreds of Labyrinth Designs around the planet. Mark has made at least 20 or so. The Classical or Cretan Labyrinth over 4000 years old is a favourite as well as the famous Chartres design. Labyrinths traditionally come in 3,5,7, or 11 circuit designs.

Some things to consider when choosing a Labyrinth design-

  • The size of your space considering you may want to place seating around the outside. This will help in selecting a 3,5,7, or 11 circuit design.
  • How many people do you envisage walking it at one time, is your purpose for it to be private or public use?
  • What is your energy to maintain it? As having plants in the design will need more care etc.
  • Do you want to include a water feature and lighting?
  • What materials do you want for the path? eg hard surface for a wheelchair ,smooth pebbles for bare foot walking or a textured gravel
  • To plant or not to plant it with flowers, natives, edible plants as a sensory garden or keep it as a Zen garden with no plants? .
  • What’s your budget?
  • To get some more ideas look at Marks gallery page or search the web for images.



Welcome to the Shop available at present are a range of finger labyrinths carved in Acrylic for hospital settings for easy cleaning also  Tasmanian minor species timbers and some Australian ones too.The latest ones are  Chartres Labyrinth design .

Finger labyrinths are an easy way to have a direct experience of the transformational qualities of the labyrinth. People use finger walks not just for prayer and healing, but also to get ready for meetings, break through writer’s block and is known to cure insomnia.

Click on a product below to view it in The Labyrinth Collective online shop.


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